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Building the bridge to a new decentralized future
Our Partners

Idea Owners

If you have a creative idea in the blockchain field, together we can turn it from an idea into a successful startup. Chinova’s experience, expertise and capabilities in building successful startups are the keys to success that we will put in your hands.


If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, you can build your company with us. A pool of validated ideas is waiting for you so that by choosing the one that fits your expertise, together we will be on a new adventurous path towards success.


If you are facing a problem in your organization, we can help you find a creative solution with blockchain to solve it. Turning that solution into a successful startup that can grow more by being with your organization is our expertise.

Our Process

How we do it

We make solutions for everyday problems


At Chinova, we turn sudden sparks and everyday problems into creative ideas using a process based on design thinking. This process is repeated continuously so that we always have a handy set of interesting ideas available.

We validate ideas in a real business environment


During the validation process, selected ideas are reviewed, analyzed, and validated using data-driven methods to discover which ideas have a greater chance of succeeding in the real world. At this stage, entrepreneurs join us to accompany us during the validation process.

EIRs build startups, meet KPIs and spin-off


Ideas that have successfully passed the validation stage will be the basis for building a new startup in Chinova. For each startup, two co-founders are attracted and financial resources are allocated, helping to reach predefined KPIs.


Our Portfolio

Moment logo- chainova blockchain and cryptocurrency startup studio portfolio

Moment is a NFT marketplace that specifically tergets special moments in your life.

Kimia is a crypto payment tools (gateway,POS, ...) provider for businesses.

taakht logo- chainova blockchain startup studio

Taakht is a decentralized decentralized trading protocol and exchange.

mallaak logo- chainova blockchain startup studio

Mallak is a propTech that tokenizes different properties like real estate and so on.

havadar logo- chainova blockchain startup studio

Havadar is a blockchain based fan club for sports and entertainment industry.

pharchain logo- chainova blockchain startup studio

Pharchain is a blockchain based supply chain finance for pharmateutical industry.

About Us

Who we are

Our startup studio is made up of fearless, successful serial entrepreneurs and innovators side by side a motivated team.

Backed by years of experience and a vast network of connection in our industry, our team walks towards our goals every single day.

Every single day, we come closer to bringing our vision to life, A more decentralized world in the future. We’ve combined a team of experienced, diverse and willing people who have learned how to perfectly combine their skills, personalities, and goals with a set of resources that make startups grow.

We designed and managing a well defined process that can be repeated several times. Every phase in our process have a measureable KPIs and outputs, Which its team willingly works on that. 

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