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Each startup in Chainova composed of two co-founders with previous entrepreneurship experience. This co-founders (A CTO and A CEO) will work on previously generated and validated ideas which they like the most. 

We are serious about growing profitable startups that prosper, which is why we only scale concepts that we have generated and validated internally. The startups we pursue are the result of painstaking ideation and testing.

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This is not a job application. You aren’t required to answer all the questions.

We are looking for entrepreneurs, not employees. These are just the questions that you should be asking yourselves, and we’re curious to know what you think!


There are many moments that are imprinted in the collective memory of a society. Many moments are also more personal and remembering them revives the feeling of those moments in people, like the valuable feeling that is formed inside us when we see the smile of a working child after receiving help from us. But what if we could record and keep those memorable moments forever and even own them?

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With blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies becoming more widespread, the lack of a comprehensive solution for businesses to receive their income in cryptocurrency is felt more and more. Kimia is a startup that has created a payment gateway for all physical and internet businesses so that they can use it to buy cryptocurrency from customers and receive the equivalent of Riyals in their bank account without needing any knowledge in the field of blockchain.

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Buying property has long been a safe investment in Iran, but the ever-increasing value of property has made it very difficult and sometimes impossible for most of the society to buy it at once. By dividing real estate into very small parts, Mallaak startup will give people the opportunity to buy a part of a real estate within their desired budget to experience a safe investment on a secure blockchain platform.

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With the removal of the preferred drug currency, the price of drugs will increase and the drug supply chain will face financing problems. Pharchain, which is a supply chain financing solution on the blockchain platform, will solve this problem in the first step to help pharmaceutical companies have the necessary credit to buy medicine and raw materials and deliver it to the patients on the blockchain platform.

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Havadar is a blockchain-based dedicated fan service platform, which is developed with a focus on creating value between the fan and its beloved relationship, ultimately leading to the emergence of a new and transparent economic market. In the first step, the fan intends to improve the relationship and interaction between football clubs and their fans so that while increasing the income of the clubs, their fans will feel more satisfied.

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Taakht Startup is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (DEX) using Automated Market Maker (AMM) technology that enables instant transactions with low fees. Takht, while creating the possibility of passive income for cryptocurrency holders through their participation in providing liquidity, solves the problems related to centralized exchanges such as their manipulation in the market and their custody of their users’ assets.

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